Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lord, let me do the hard things

Yesterday I was worshipping and praying on my ride to a MOPS meeting. If you're like me, the best prayers happen in the car. I began to pray some dangerous things. I said, "Lord, let me do the hard things," and I meant it in with complete surrender.

I understand my life is here and gone like a vapor in the wind. It's gone so fast. Compared to eternity this human life is a mere second, though forever is unconceivable. What I do here and the legacy I leave has the opportunity to change the course of eternal souls. Everyone will die someday and everyone will live forever in one of two destinations. Our surrender and willingness to obey when the Holy Spirit prompts us can literally save a life.

The problem is our flesh man. He's the rotten, hating, gossiping, perverted, selfish man inside all of us. He's the voice of question and compromise in our lives. He growls things like, "just this once," and "don't make a food of yourself,". He's the one who needs to be silenced each and every day, especially if we want to do great things for Christ.

So here I am really praying for God to use me and give me "the hard things,". Less than 12 hours later He does just that. What do I do? I shout no! I get angry. I lash out. I put up a fight. I say some things I shouldn't have. And I completely forget the sweet moment of total surrender I had earlier in the car.

It says in the Word the Holy Spirit is a teacher. He reminded me of that earlier prayer and gave me the understand that God was answering it.

When you pray these prayers get ready for God to radically use you. He is desperate for His people to give 100% of their lives to Him so he can use them. Of course, everything He wants to accomplish He can accomplish without you, but He wants to use you! How humbling!

Get ready to write a big check. Get ready to speak at church. Get ready to bring people into your home. Get ready to give gifts. Get ready to fast. Get ready to lay hands on people. Get ready to sing. Get ready to start a church dance group. Get ready for a night of prayer in your home. Get ready to feel uncomfortable for the cause of Christ. Get ready to go all the way for the glory of Christ. '

When you listen to these promptings there is so much reward. Your spiritual ear becomes more tuned to the frequency God communicates on and He will supernaturally place people in your life who need His touch, His words through YOU!

I encourage everyone to get alone with God and go to a whole new level. He is not a silent God. He is active. Be encouraged today to DIVE a little DEEPER into HIM!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Layla Grace: Birth Story through Pictures

Layla Grace born November 13th, 2013

I went to my regular OB appointment when my doctor looked at me and said, "Honey, you're in labor!" I was five cm dilated, so I went straight to the hospital. 

My husband drove from work to meet me. My sister drove from school to come. My mom was on her way from a work trip in another state. My cousin and her daughter made it too. And, of course, my photographer, Abby Stancil. 

If you live in the North Georgia area give her a call, seriously (Genare Photography). 

From left to right: My mom, my sister, my husband, my cousin's daughter, and my cousin.
Thanks to my dad for watching Brady at home. 


Daddy cutting the cord.

Seven hours of labor and only a few good pushes later did Layla Grace enter the world. She weighed 6 lbs 14 oz, exactly what her daddy guessed - and 21 inches long.

"I prayed for this child, and the lord has granted me what I asked of him." 1 Samuel 1:27